The Brain

When I was between about 16 and 18 I was diagnosed with depression. I opted not to take medication for it, but went with talking to a therapist. I won’t lie, I didn’t think it would work. I was right, it didn’t. But it did help me understand myself. One day something really random happened that snapped me out of my depression. Since then I have learnt how to deal with how my brain reacts to things. I still have no control over my mouth!

As I’ve got older I’ve been surprised with who else has suffered or suffering. Some of those people are the strongest people I know. It could be due to a massive trauma in their life, or lots of little things.

Most recently my first born has suffered from confidence issues and anxiety. The anxiety has been so bad it’s made him vomit. Now nothing major happened to him, just lots of little things. And he’s tried desperately to hide it. To stop the anxiety I found talking to him, listening to him, making him understand and most importantly finding an answer that makes him feel secure helps. Confidence issues are not so easy. He’s had me give him a talking too, he’s had other people give him so much support and advice, he’s also had people tell him to basically snap out of it otherwise his dreams will not come true (probably the least helpful of all). He’s also had people who don’t believe he struggles because he comes over as extremely confident, almost cocky. It’s not real guys, it’s just an act.

Luckily he is now back to his old self. Thanks to a mixture of kind words and people showing they believe in him.

What I have learnt over the years is never be embarrassed by your mental health issues. At the end of the day your brain is amazing, look at all the things it controls. What I will say is support people and don’t judge, you could be that one person who could help make a difference. Or you could be the person who makes things seem ten times worse. One day it could be you, so always be kind.


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