I was told to do blogs that you feel passionately about, as it makes the process easier. So I decided to ask people what my next blog should be about! I’m going with friendship, what could go wrong!!!

I moved to Devon at the age of 12. The above girls circled are Sharon, me, Michelle, Jaye and Beccy.

We have been friends from 12-40 (yes that long). Our friendship has never changed, and probably never will. We don’t see each other much, but when we do get together we are like teenage girls again (well teenagers that prefer an early night instead of all weekend benders).

Now I’m obviously not going to tell you what we’ve got up to over the years. For starters it’s none of your business, secondly it was so awesome I actually can’t remember much. What I can do is tell you what makes us work.


Me- I’m the blunt one who doesn’t have a filter. I come across as rude and aggressive at times. If you want an honest straight answer ask me, but you might not like the answer. The things the other girls tag me in on social media tells me they think I’m the nutty one. I am protective, I’m the one who is more likely to get in a fight.

Beccy- Our drama queen (pretty sure my kids should be hers). She’s loud, bubbly with a heart of gold, all wrapped up in a tiny package. Born for the stage, and is definitely entertaining to have around. Very protective over us. Would say she’s more nutty than me.

Sharon- She’s lovely. She has the best warmest smile. She’s very calming yet funny to be around. She would be the one not to piss off, as she socks a good left hook. She’s very caring and supportive.

Jaye- Very private. Keeps a lot to herself. But she knows we are always here for her. She’s funny, intelligent and the grown up. She can also drink us all under the table. Another very caring and supportive friend you can rely on.

Michelle- The matriarch. The glue that holds us all together. She keeps us all in contact, and in check. She knows everyone and remembers everything (she is god). She is the caring, emotional and most loving one. She will drop whatever she is doing to support any of her friends, and will fight your corner. I really don’t know what we would do without her. If Shell is your friend you are very lucky, so treasure it.

All very different characters, but put us together and you can guarantee laughter, bitching and fun.

I don’t think we’ve ever fallen out. I’m sure our memory bank Michelle could clarify this.

The best thing is that although we don’t see each other much we support each other. We have all suffered losses and sadness, and we have always made sure we are there for each other. We share the joys, the pain and love for each other.

I’m feeling slightly nauseous now so I must stop.

And finally. Although I am the tall gorgeous one, at no point have they ever shown any jealousy towards me. Thanks ladies🤪


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