Fringe theatrefest Barnstaple. Who would have known!

Anyone who knows me, knows that this whole drama, singing and dancing malarkey has been forced on me by my first born. So why am I writing my blog about it? Well turns out Barnstaple theatrefest is amazing. So much variety to suit all tastes.

Now I’ve know about theatrefest for a few years now and have avoided. Nothing personal, just not my thing. But this year the first born is actually taking part with Total Theatre School.

I arrived in Barnstaple today, parked up and got the message that total theatre had to cancel today’s show, due to the lead being extremely ill (heartbreaking for the lad, and hope he is better very soon). It will have been a devastating blow for them all. I really feel for them, as I know how hard they have all worked. But I was still going to make sure my kids would get the feel for theatrefest.

First of all, first born did get recognised and received really positive feedback about the show from the previous day. And a lot of support for total theatre, which was great to hear and see.

We visited the square where a couple of cows were entertaining people (well it is devon). I had a clown that came charging over to me (nothing like from the film IT luckily).

We went in to Greenlanes and watched the children from centre stage school. Wow those kids can sing. Their harmonies were amazing. Will definitely try and catch one of their shows they put on.

Next was Amena. Now I know this lady can sing, I’ve seen her in a number of local shows. But in a room with just her and her ukulele, you realise how beautiful her voice is. She is such a talent, there is no limit to where she will end up. I see a bright future for her. My youngest absolutely loves her, so she’s not just amazingly talented she super nice as well.

Next! Leg it over to the library, where Brook.Wood Puppetry were doing some grime tales. Now apart from the very loud samba band outside I really enjoyed it. Nick is very talented, and surprised to hear he actually makes the puppets himself (they are really cool). Now I know Julie who was also performing, was very nervous. She has only been doing it a few weeks, well you couldn’t tell. She should be very proud of herself, both her and Nick worked great together. It was really enjoyable.

Walking back to Greenlanes we saw a street performer with a 7 foot unicycle! Well your not going to just walk past that. Apparently it’s The Tom Show. Well he was fantastic, so funny. I could have watched him all day (well at least an hour in that heat).

Then tonight we watched Upclose theatres around the world in 80 days. Probably wouldn’t have been something I would have watched if it wasn’t the fact I know them. But really glad I did go. It was very clever and funny. I generally don’t laugh at jokes. My sense of humour is when someone falls over or walks in to something. But I actually laughed out loud a number of times. Don’t get me wrong I think some of the humour wasn’t for me, but all in all they’ve done a great job.

Tomorrow we see An audience with Billy Buckingham and hopefully my big fat Tudor wedding. Might catch some other things as well if we can.

Well done to the Barnstaple fringe team for bringing such an array of performers. And for the sponsors for supporting them. It really is a great way for people to see the arts.


2 thoughts on “Fringe theatrefest Barnstaple. Who would have known!

  1. Such great comments about the shows and the Festival. It’s a funny thing – and a common thing – that people know about Fringe, they know it’s cheap, but they still don’t think it’s going to be for them. And then, when they do come, they have a really good time. If you have any further thoughts about how we can reassure people that it’s going to be for them, please let us know! Or join the team if you will, so that we have you persuading throughout the year!

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