As a kid most people can agree that parents supply you with love, support and most importantly money. They also embarrass, annoy and say no a lot.

When you become an adult, you realise how hard adulting is. And you grow a strange respect for your parents. When you become a parent you realise that your parents are like gods. Not only did they give you life, they didn’t kill you when you were being a little shit.

I find myself as a parent hiding in the bathroom for some me time (you must lock the door as they will still find you). Bathrooms are also not sound proof, so although you are locked in your safe place they can still shout through the door and post letters underneath.

I find myself hiding my chocolate. My eldest knows all my hiding places, he’s like a bloodhound when it comes to chocolate. They will devour your treats without a second thought.

They ask for stuff all the time. It’s like a test that you will never pass. Constant wanting and moaning must be so hard on the little lambs.

They do really embarrassing things that can be cringe worthy, so cringe worthy you wish you could deny they are your off spring.

We are often left in a nervous state because of something they might say, do, have said or done. Think they call it living on the edge.

If you were stupid enough to have more than one child, you have the joy of being a referee. Don’t step in until blood is drawn! You will regret getting involved.

Why do we do it to ourselves is the main question.

Maybe ask someone who can’t have kids, or maybe have lost a child.

Despite the daily headache I get from the noise they make, they actually are pretty cool. They give me undying love, they make me laugh, they make me proud and they make my life complete.

I have a sense that if anyone hurt my children I would destroy them. And I would give my last breathe for them.

Maybe parenting isn’t all that bad after all. And I’ve always got my bathroom to hide in. Would I give them my last chocolate? Not a chance!


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